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About Clegames

Your Source for Mobile Entertainment

Clegames has been passionately crafting mobile games of various genre since its establishment in 2013. Having witnessed the rapid change in player preferences and behaviour throughout a decade, we have managed to find the secret key ingridient to the great game recipe. And we will keep designing and building on!

Our Games

Our Games

Our games range from classic fantasy RPGs to mass online war strategies, blood-chilling zombie shooters, and up to the light and amuzing merger & tower defense titles.


Infinity Party Battle

RPG Tower Defense

Infinity Party Battle is a one-of-a-kind mobile tower defense well-mixed with RPG elements - it's the fierce battles, the gacha system and hero transcendence, loot boxes, magic skill cards and much more.

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Reign of Empires

4X Strategy

Reign of Empires is a multiplayer online strategy game based on historical theme with realistic graphics, breath-taking castles, 8 different nations to play for, famous world leaders and dozens of strategies to follow.

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Zombie FPS

Zombie Hunter D-Day is a thrilling first-person shooter that puts the player in the shoes of zombie apocalypse survivor. Dozens of kinds of zombies, realistic weapons and creepy locations with unexpected twists.

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Soul Seeker

Fantasy RPG

Soul Seeker is a classic fantasy RPG mobile game based on a globally renown Soul Seeker IP characters. Create your team of 6 brave knights, take off on a breathtaking journey across the lands of Armes, fight monsters and rival teams, collect magical equipment and chose your side - will it be Light? Or Dark?


Allstar Random Defense

Tower Defense

Allstar Random Defense is a bright and fun game where player needs to protect the city from invading monsters. Select your own unique team of synergetic characters and skill cards to rush off defending the town!

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World Beast War

Retro Merger

World Beast War is a retro-style idle merger game with hilarious-looking monsters that join you on the mission of destroying the city! For once, join the evil side and help creatures of the dark conquer the world!

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